DUI charges commonly feel like something that there is no defense against. The consequences of a DUI can mean hundreds of hours of community service or thousands of dollars in fines and years in prison. With so much at stake in your DUI case, is immediately pleading guilty the right decision? It may feel like there is no way of defending yourself against these charges, but there are several defenses that may be able to help you:

Your actions were necessary

If someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol drove to save someone’s life, it may provide enough grounds for defense in their case. Being able to prove the emergency and that you were the only one able to drive will be necessary for this defense.

Inaccurate testing equipment

If the breathalyzer that the officer used at your traffic stop was outdated, damaged, or otherwise untrustworthy, it may eliminate any grounds for a DUI charge. Your attorney can help you review any testing devices officers use to confirm their accuracy.

Roadside tests

Walking heel to toe in the straight line, reciting the alphabet backward, and touching your nose with a fully extended arm are all common roadside tests for a DUI traffic stop, but they are not completely accurate. These tests do not account for the physical inability of the driver and may result in a false positive in these tests. If these tests are one of the primary pieces of evidence in your case, they may not be enough to convict you.

Illegal traffic stop

Regardless of your DUI charges, police still need to have a valid reason for pulling you over. If police cannot confirm why they conducted their traffic stop, it may dismiss any following charges.

Do not give up on your case

While it may be possible that a plea deal is your best option, it should never be your first decision. Before you accept a plea deal on a DUI case that you could have won, consult with an experienced cri

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