Client Testimonials

“I’m 53 years old and have dealt with Attorneys over my years for various reasons Joe is one of the most responsive, detailed and PROFESSIONAL Attorneys I have EVER encountered handled my case swiftly with results that were much more than I expected, Trust him!! Good man!”
“Cori was outstanding. I contacted her the very last minute regarding a Pro Se case in Dupage Court. She was more than prepared to defend me on the trial date. Excellent work! Thank you!!! I would most definitely use her again!!!!!”
“Strongly recommend Nick. His knowledge and the way he talks to you makes you feel really comfortable and calms your anxiety down. He gets it! Best of all he takes the time to talk to you through it all. All questions answered. That’s what a good attorney should do. We needed someone we could trust to represent us and sure felt that way with Nick. Thanks Nick!”
“I reached out to the Giamanco Law Partners for help with a fraudulent credit card, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Phyllis has insurmountable tenacity and persistence when it comes to fighting for her clients. Everything for my case was laid out and communicated in a well-thought out manner. Would highly recommend Phyllis Roman!”
“Melisa Quinones is the best and most aggressive attorney I have seen. She overturns odds in diverse and custody cases even when it seems impossible. She is very ambitious, kind, compassionate, knows the court systems, and knows how to maneuver the court systems. She is not scared of the unknown and will fight to the end. They have other attorneys in this office who are just as aggressive as Melisa. I highly recommend her to everyone.”
“Nick assisted me with some traffic disputes. He attended court for me when I was unable to attend. He handled everything for me quickly and efficiently. In the event that I need representation in the future I’ll be using Giamanco Law Partners.”
“It is a great honor to be represented by such a professional and caring group of people. Joe decided to take my case and I’m forever grateful for it. He and his team gave me the opportunity to better my financial situation. The help and knowledge they passed will forever be appreciated. To anyone curious about this firm, know that they want to help and they bend over backward to work with you here.”
“The professionalism of Joe Giamanco and his entire office is unmatched. We’ve worked with Joe and his team on a number of items over the years and their “can do” attitude is something you must experience for yourself. I highly recommend Giamanco Law Partners!”
“Excellent service, I highly recommend this company for legal help.”
“Joe was the utmost professional and responded always in a timely manner. He represented us very well and won our case in State court. He went above and beyond what we expected in an attorney and we were grateful we chose to work with him. Not only is he a great attorney but also a great person. I would highly recommend Joe as an attorney for anyone.”
“Joe was amazing. He was very professional and very good to work with. He listened to what we had to say and made sure to address our issues. He communicated with us throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know!”
“Joe played an important role in my accident case. From the beginning, he gave me the needed direction that most non-legal professionals have no clue around. The pain of injuries and the headache of paperwork can be overwhelming, but Joe made it easy to organize and gather all documents. He has been great to work with and keeps me well informed. I’d recommend Joe to anyone in the Chicago-land area.”
“Joe and his staff have taken care of our business needs for several years. His rates are very reasonable too!”
“Excellent service, always takes care of my needs no matter what the situation.”
“Nick was my lawyer. He handled my case like a professional should. He explained my case detail by detail. He was straightforward. He got the job done. I would recommend anyone that’s looking for a lawyer to try him. Once again thanks to you Nick and your law firm. 🤝🏽”
“Giamanco is a law firm that will tell it to you straight. They let you know what can be done and what you can expect. Best of all they care about people and making things right.”
“4 of our family of 6 have used Giamanco Law over the last couple of years….they have been great….we have been in a tough process for the last 2 plus years and they have gone above and beyond. We are very thankful for their team!”
“Highly recommended to use GLP very friendly firm and you will get treated as you are a family member. When I was in my accident I didn’t know what to do or how the process went so I went to GLP . They took my case and hit the ground running kept me informed and explained everything that was going on. I was not waiting on what the next step was or what I had to do next. Many thanks to GLP for the expert work that was done on my case.”
“Phyllis Roman Partner took on a last minute case for me which I truly appreciate. Very very knowledgeable. THANK YOU SO MUCH.”
Phyllis Roman! Tremendous advocate and fantastic trial/arbitration skills. Her dedication and commitment to the client are unparalleled. Her honesty and professional interaction demeanor are so valuable and confidence fostering. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! Fees are reasonable and fully disclosed upfront. Thank you!!! Highly recommended!!”
“What an amazing group of professionals to have on your side…don’t hesitate and call today so they can get you pointed in the right direction today…”
“Mr. Giamanco and his team are fantastic! He has a quality firm you can trust.”
“Nicholas went over my case with me and explained it detail by detail so I would understand. I really appreciate this guy for getting the job done on my behalf. Thanks a million. I would recommend you to the world.”
“As a client of Nicholas I must say he’s very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to criminal cases. He was very professional and delivered the results I needed.”
“While it is difficult to call my time in traffic court a positive experience, I feel like Mr. Carrescia made everything go as smoothly and “pain free” as could be possible. His professionalism, helpful attitude, and kind spirit did not go unnoticed by both me and my wife.”
“My girlfriend was being sued by a debt collector for ~26k of defaulted private student loan debt. In addition, another defaulted student loan account of ~33k was owned by the same collector and likely would have been filed in a suit as well. I contacted probably 5 – 10 different law firms and yours was the first who was even willing to have a conversation about the situation to explore our options. Phyllis took the time to explain our different options thoroughly and her passion for representing clients was evident in just the first phone call. She over communicated with us every step of the way and always responded to phone calls and emails immediately. While this likely was one of the smallest/pettiest cases on her plate at the time it felt like we were client number one on her priority list. Thanks to Phyllis, we ultimately ended up settling ~$60,000 worth of debt for just over $13,000. Words cannot explain the weight that has been lifted off of our shoulders and relationship as a result. If we are ever in need of any legal services your firm offers, Phyllis will be our first phone call.”
“Of all the lawyers I have had dealings with in the past this firm is the best. Joe Giamanco is the most professional, knowledgeable, and fair attorneys I have ever met. I can recommend him and his firm without reservation to anyone seeking an attorney. –W.J.”
“If you need an attorney – your first stop should be Joe Giamanco and Giamanco Law Partners. I could not be more pleased with the service rendered. They were up front and honest for my entire case. Service was prompt and rates reasonable. I am proud to call this firm “My attorney” – J.S.”
“Several years ago I found myself in a position with my business partners that no one ever wants to be in. I needed an attorney and did not know any in my new city of Chicago. Joe Giamanco was recommended to me by a friend. From my very first call to Joe he listened, understood and thoroughly explained all of my options as well as how the process would work. My case against my business partners was a complex one to begin with and it was compounded by their unethical business style. Joe Giamanco never let my business partners behavior or lies get in the way of the case. He followed the law and got me the judgement I was hoping for. Joe made the process easy and comfortable for me and charged me an extremely fair price for the tireless work he did. I really cannot say enough good things about him. Since my first dealing with Joe and my former business partners I have leaned on Giamanco Law Partners many times for advice in personal matters and business. At times it was just a simple 10-minute phone call with excellent advice and direction and other times their were full cases to deal with again. There seems to be no limit to the legal knowledge and capabilities of Giamanco Law Partners. There has never been a legal issue that I asked them about that could not be handled to my complete satisfaction. Nobody wants to go to a lawyer but if you need to, I can not stress enough how strongly I recommend the services of this incredibly talented team of legal experts. Side note: I think I may have been one of their very first clients so I have watched as they have grown and never lost the personal touch I received on that very first phone call. I feel fortunate to have found Giamanco Law Partners. – T.P.”
“My experience working with Joe Giamanco and the firm has been outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone. They are easy to talk to and return calls promptly. – F.G.”
“My experience with this firm has been extremely satisfying. I found them to be highly competent and experienced. They handle my legal affairs promptly and confidentially. – M.J.”
“This firm does most of our work, they are honest and the hardest working firm I have ever used in my career. – R.M.”
“Best law firm I’ve engaged with – very personalized service and stayed engaged with me throughout all our interactions. I would highly recommend them to anyone. – M.P.”
“Joe Giamanco did a great job for me! He handled my case in a very professional manner and was a pleasure to work with during a stressful situation. My case was a somewhat complex construction related case involving several people being sued and had a very short time frame. Joe was able to efficiently sort through the issues and obtain a “directed verdict”; (no reason for the jury to decide the case) from the Judge. I highly recommend Joe. – G.R.”
“I have been a business owner for 35 years. I have hired & dealt with many lawyers over that time period. I have to say that Joe Giamanco is one of the most knowledgeable attorney’s to represent me when it comes to law & court procedures. Unlike some of the other attorneys I have hired in the past, I was always able to contact Joe if I had a question. He would always answer his calls or email me back ASAP. If I ever am involved in a lawsuit in the future, I would not hesitate to hire Joe to represent me again. – R.S.”
“Mr. Giamanco is a very bright attorney who represented my family very well. He always took the time to actually listen to what we said and was confident in the advice he gave and the direction the case would go. I would absolutely recommend him and keep his contact information for any future need that arises. – S.S.”
“Ours was a case concerning private and delicate matters. Joe handled them very professionally and was open to any questions I had (no matter how many) and always made me feel better after communicating with him. This case is the type that will have long-term ramifications and Joe has made it clear that he will continue to support us in such matters. I would certainly hire him again if I ever had another legal issue. – K.S.”
“Joe represented me in a person injury suit against a hotel we believed was negligent in maintaining its property after a snowfall. My injury required surgery and an extended period of physical therapy. Although Joe was confident that we would be successful, he cautioned us several times that a verdict in my favor was never guaranteed. He explained all the steps he would take in my case and what was required of me. He told my husband and me it might be a long process and that we might have to return more than once to the jurisdiction where a trial would be held. In the end he was successful in reaching a settlement with not only the hotel but also Medicare and my insurance company. I received a settlement that I believe was fair compensation for the pain and inconvenience I experienced. Joe and his staff were available, easy to work with, and communicated progress frequently. If the need arises, we will use his services again. We have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. – M.O.”
“Joe Giamanco is the best. He doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but he always tells you what you need to hear. He is honest, knowledgeable, and fair. He follows up and keeps you informed. He always responds quickly. I have never had to call him more than once. I have never worked with a lawyer in the past that I have had the piece of mind that I get knowing that I have the right information. He is also very personable and understanding. I have and will continue to recommend him. – W.J.”

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