Divorce is often a challenging process for families and a co-parenting plan can make the transition easier for everyone involved. If you’re an Illinois resident, here are some factors to consider for your parenting plan that can make this new phase of life a more manageable one.

Why is a parenting plan essential?

One of the most important reasons to have a child custody plan is to establish a plan that provides how the child will be cared for in detail. The plan can make it easier to resolve issues before they come up. For instance, the plan can explain how the parents should provide medical care for children or whether the parents will agree not to move to another city until the children are a certain age. If the parents decide that going to therapy or mediation is necessary, the parent who initiated the meeting should pay for the initial session.

Increasing the success of a parenting plan

Parents who use the “birdnest” method for parenting as they go through the divorce process may experience more success with a child custody plan. A nesting parenting plan can include the budget and finances of both parents, as well as guidelines for picking up and dropping off the children and taking care of the home where the children reside.

It is often best for both parents to participate in writing the parenting plan, the details in the plan can ensure the children are in a stable environment. Sticking to the plan can also outline each parent’s role so that children can be reassured that both parents are committed to making their family as happy and healthy as possible.

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