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When modifications are necessary for child custody agreements

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Family Law

You reluctantly accepted the child custody agreement. Now, you know that with the limited time you will have with your child you must make the most of it. Creating memories, adventure, participation and being as good of a parent as you can.

But, along the way, you hold out hope that the current agreement will change. It is possible because there are times when modifications to child custody agreements are necessary. Revisiting child custody agreements is not unheard of. Actually, it is necessary when life situations change such as an out-of-state move and unforeseen or foreseen obstacles such as a parent addicted to drugs get in the way.

Relocation, instability

In some circumstances, courts will revisit child custody agreements if the reason for the modifications are in the best interest of the child. Here are some examples of when a child custody agreement may get additional review and possible changes:

  • The relocation of the custodial parent. Perhaps the parent found a new job or remarried, leading to an out-of-state relocation. The move may negatively affect the children, who may have to say goodbye to the only hometown they have ever owned. Will this move significantly disrupt their lives? In some situations, the non-relocating parent may gain custody.
  • A disruptive, difficult scofflaw of a parent. In some situations, a parent ignores custody and visitation agreements due to animosity that spilled over from the divorce or animosity that permanently exists. Disobeying a legal agreement and payback is frowned upon by judges.
  • Signs of instability from a parent. Mental illness, depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, and anger, sometimes, surface among parents. A household with any of these elements present is no place for a child.

Modifications to child custody agreements often are necessary. When changes occur that affect the children, it is time to revisit these agreements.