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Bolingbrook DUI Defense Lawyer

Bolingbrook Traffic, DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you have a commercial driver’s license and drive professionally for a living, or simply rely on your car to drive to and from work, losing your license can put you in a very tough spot.  At Giamanco Law Partners in Bolingbrook we work with people who have been arrested for DUI or cited for other traffic offenses to help them keep their Illinois driver’s license and protect their privilege to drive a car.

Is It Cost-Effective To Hire a Lawyer to Protect My License?

While you may be trying to decide if it’s worth it to hire a lawyer, keep in mind that beyond the initial fine you pay for a violation, license suspensions, alternative transportation and higher insurance premiums can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars for months, or even years into the future.  In most cases, it is a much lower total cost to hire an attorney and protect your license.

We help Illinois drivers in a variety of situations protect their license, including:

DUI Arrest in Bolingbrook? We Can Help.

If you have been arrested and need to protect your license, contact the Bolingbrook DUI defense attorneys at Giamanco Law Partners today.

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